Everyone wants the best and freshest food for themselves and their family, but not everybody has the means to go to the store each day. That’s why we inevitably face the need to keep our food at home for longer.

We share with you ten tricks that will help you store your food without worrying about it losing freshness.

1. Freezing milk for several weeks ahead

© Ana Belaval

If you’ve bought a gallon of milk and only then realized you were going on vacation, don’t worry, it won’t spoil — if you freeze it. There are several rules, however. Pour out some milk before freezing, as it will increase in volume. It’s best to freeze fresh milk and keep it in the freezer for no more than 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Freezing eggs in an ice tray

© datruckk

Sometimes we aren’t able to use up all the eggs while they’re fresh, or we only use the whites while the yolks are neglected. No worries, they can be frozen too! Just break them, and pour their contents into an ice tray, adding a little salt or sugar (this will preserve their texture). Then use them as needed.

3. Keeping your favorite sauce in a freezer bag

© ashley_dejong

Leftover sauce is another candidate for freezing. Pour it into a storage bag, and within an hour it will be hard enough for you to dice it and add to dishes when needed.

4. Lettuce leaves wrapped in a paper towel will stay fresh longer

© windycity_pizza

Lettuce will remain fresh and crisp for a week if you wrap it in a paper towel. The excess moisture will soak into the towel and won’t let the leaves wither.

5. Apples can be stored in the fridge for several months

© USApples

Apples usually stay fresh longer than other fruit as it is, but did you know that they retain all their taste in the fridge for a very long time? The only thing to keep in mind here is that you shouldn’t let them touch each other lest damage is done by such contact. Wrap each of them in newspaper, for example.

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