To make quality practical jokes for your friends and family this April 1st, you should get ready in advance. We has gathered the best April Fools jokes to make you the winner of the day.

You can begin that very morning.

Sewn-through socks

© buzzfeed

When your victim tries to put on their socks, they’ll be discouraged. Take a few pairs, sew them through the middle, and let the game begin!

Rise of plastic cups

© imgur

Your family will have a hard time leaving their rooms.

Painted tap water

© texasmonkey

For this, you can either paint the faucet aerator with liquid dye or do it the hard but efficient way: unscrew the aerator, and put a food dye tablet on it, making the effect lasting. To add a little scare, pick a red dye.

Shampoo is broken!

© instagram

“Why doesn’t my shampoo flow?” There’s a cellophane plug in there, that’s why.

And soap too!

© ladycreate-a-lot

An immortal classic: covering a soap bar with transparent nail polish to prevent it lathering.

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