People often upload photos that should not have been uploaded. Thanks to unfortunate (or extremely fortunate) timing, odd lighting, or just unexpected cats/people appearing in the frame, these pics become memes in a blink. If you like those pics where the title says “take a closer look”, or the insane brain-melting optical illusions, you’ve come to the right place!
Now clear your mind and prepare so see something weird!

1. Slenderman: The Early Years.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (34)

2. What kind of monstrosity is this?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (20)

3. One’s tall, one’s ugly, right?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (32)

4. Girl, you should wax those wolf hands.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (22)

5. That’s creepy AF!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (23)

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