Many of us think that we love travelling, visiting new places and discover their secrets. People tend to actively nod along and respond affirmatively every time someone asks if they like going abroad. Thus the majority think of themselves as experienced travelers depending on how many countries one has visited. But there’s a big difference between tourists who just love spending their vacations in some exotic country and real travelers who’re crazy about exploring new places, discovering foreign cultures and getting to know new people.
We came up with these universally applicable 18 pieces of advice to help you while you’re on a trip, no matter if you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist. Start packing!

Remember that the new place you’re about to visit is someone else’s home.

If a child travels a lot from an early age, it may be difficult for him to distinguish later if he’s visiting Disneyland or an ancient village in a foreign country, because all he sees are people in strange funny clothes. When such kids grow up and travel around, they keep on bringing their habits into someone else’s homeland. This is obviously not right. If you’re traveling with a child, tell him about the country and people you’re meeting on the streets. At least try to explain to them that our world is diverse, and that’s the beauty of it — people are different and that’s why they look different. When he becomes an adult, he’ll be welcomed in every place.

Think of conducting a small amount of research on the country you’re visiting beforehand.

It doesn’t mean you have to learn the city’s pocket guide or its Wikipedia page by heart. But it’s a good idea to know at least some basic things about the place you’re about to visit, don’t you think? What do the locals like, what don’t they like? Is it acceptable to tip there? Of course, you can’t be prepared for every single situation that may or may not occur, but try to find some information beforehand.

Respect the culture.

Our world is beautiful in its diversity. Keep that in mind when you’re visiting a foreign country. You may be surprised to find out that it’s not appreciated by locals if a woman wears shorts and something with a deep neckline. ‘How is that even possible if it’s 50 degrees Celsius outside?’ you may wonder. Or ‘Look, they eat with their hands, without using any utensils!’ That’s right, this is exactly why you should do some research in advance. Remember you’re only a visitor, so show your respect by being closer to the locals and their traditions.

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