Donald J Trump is officially the President of the United States of America. We can all say we survived the 2016 US Presidential Election, but that excitement was short lived. It seems the panic, fear mongering, rioting, and name calling was just beginning. Let’s all take a deep breath. Don’t panic, don’t reduce yourself to name calling and threatening those who oppose you politically – on either side. That’s how civil wars start, literally. Instead, let’s look at what we can realistically expect to happen within the next four years, sans name calling or violence. Here are 25 Things We Can Expect From Donald J Trump’s Presidency.

25. The Keystone Pipeline


This was one of the major things that Obama was supposed to approve as a bi-partisan compromise, sort of an olive branch. In the last four years, there’s been less and less bi-partisan compromise, and now that he and the majority of democrats are out, it would be pretty shocking if this didn’t happen in some way, despite the current protests.

24. Changes to Obamacare


Mainly this would be a repeal of the individual mandate portion of Obamacare and some progress towards freeing up the market so that health insurance companies can sell over state lines. More competition means a better product and lower prices, and forcing someone to buy something or pay a fine is, still, downright un-American. The pre-existing condition portions, and the portions that allow adults to stay on their parents policy until 26 will stay.

23. Congressional term limits


Why this hasn’t happened yet is kind of confusing and shocking, as most members of both parties agree that it needs to happen. Hopefully, it will free up the process some to let fresh blood – business owners, former blue collar workers, scientists, etc – into congress that don’t have to be rich to even run a chance of being elected. But for now, we’ll all settle for a breaking up of limits on the good ol’ boys club.

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