The 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, had a brief but memorable experience in the White House. The short and tragic life of president John F. Kennedy has been such a fascinating topic for so many people, that are now movies, books, and even a museum in his honor. With only three years as the president of United States, people have become obsessed to know more about him. In fact, some artists have even conceptualized and created images to depict how the late president would look like now! It’s pretty incredible we must say. Read on to see it!

Who Is JFK?

John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy, or more famously known as JFK, came from a wealthy family. He was the second son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. He served as president from January 20, 1961, to November 22, 1963, which was short but also full of surprises, intrigue, and scandals.

Fulfilling father’s dreams

JFK’s father Joseph wanted his firstborn Joseph Jr. to become president. He was after all a United States Navy lieutenant, but unfortunately, that plan didn’t push through. Joseph Jr. was killed during World War II while on a top secret mission. Because of this, Josef Sr. groomed his second son, John, to become president one day. Eventually, his dream came true.

The Little Troublemaker

Who would have known that the polite and serious president was once a troublemaker at school? He has caused a lot of chaos, much to his headmaster’s misery. Kennedy’s principal lost it with his biggest prank that involved putting a high-powered firecracker to make a toilet seat explode. Due to this incident, the headmaster called JFK and his friends “muckers.” They liked it and began to call themselves as “The Muckers Club.”

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