There are lots of gymnastics trainings that will help you get rid of excess weight or pump your muscles. We at Bright Side, however, have found a set of exercises that can do better than that: it will set you up for the day, normalize your body processes, improve your mood, harmonize the work of your internal organs, and straighten your spine.

Now we can guiltlessly lie in bed for a few extra minutes, gradually coming to our senses with these exercises.

Don’t spring up from your bed first thing in the morning. Let yourself lie and stretch a little. Remove your pillow from under your head, and roll a towel into a cushion of about three inches (8cm) in diameter — it’s better to do so the evening before.

Put your cushion under your head so that it’s lying right beneath your shoulder blades, and throw your arms behind your head. The task now is to relax and melt on this cushion, like ice cream melting in the sun. Smile with your lips and eyes, and try to smile with your belly, your chest, your whole body, while still lying with your back on the cushion.

All the other exercises are done on your back with the cushion under your neck.

Put your cushion under your neck. Rub your palms to make them warm and ’wash’ yourself by rubbing your palms up your face, forehead, and to the back of your head, and then going around your ears. Do the same for your neck, chest, and stomach.

Still lying on your back with the cushion under your neck, take your right hand into your left one and, applying some force, rub it down from the little finger to the elbow, and then still lower to the waistline, thus ’wringing’ everything bad from your arm. Repeat the same for the other arm.

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