Sometimes advertisements play tricks on us. In the pursuit of beauty, we buy lots of useless creams, masks, and serums that promise us many desirable effects.

The Bright Side team pondered all this marketing mess and prepared for you a list of cosmetic products you don’t really need.

Split end remedies

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No matter how much we want it, there’s no cosmetic remedy that can solve the problem of split hair. Serums and balms with the appropriate label give only a visual effect, sticking the split ends together for a while. The only thing that works is a haircut.

Hand cream, foot cream, body lotion

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Another myth that marketers have created: people need different creams for different parts of the body. Your face does require special care, but in most cases you can use a single product for your entire body. All moisturizing creams and lotions work the same way, and you can use them for both your hands and body.

Dandruff shampoo

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When your sebaceous glands work poorly, the spread of a fungus called dandruff begins. An ordinary shampoo cannot help you get rid of this problem. Besides, it dries out the scalp. You need a special medical shampoo, which you can buy at a pharmacy.

Facial toner

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Facial toner is one of those things we consider necessary because we use the wrong skin care products. Cleansing soap is more effective than toner. It doesn’t contain alcohol, doesn’t dry your skin, and has a neutral pH level.

Lip balm

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Most producers claim that the only way to moisturize your lips is to buy a lip balm. However, the “perfect is the enemy of good” principle works here. Some balms can really help you, but most of them contain alcohol that dries your skin. An affordable and more useful alternative is cosmetic Vaseline or beeswax with a drop of olive or coconut oil.

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