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This morning, President Trump took to Twitter to finally address yesterday’s stunning revelations about disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s guilty plea and cooperation with Special Counsel Mueller – which could be the tipping point in the Trump-Russia investigation and the beginning of the end for the Trump administration.

The tweet raised eyebrows around the nation because it appears that once again, Trump’s desperate efforts to exonerate himself has simply led to him digging himself into a deeper hole.

In late January, acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed White House Counsel Don McGahn that intelligence officials that Flynn had discussed President Obama’s incoming sanctions with the Russian ambassador “immediately” after US intelligence services had intercepted their communications, a violation of the Logan Act.

When questioned about the calls, Gen. Flynn lied to FBI investigators. In his efforts to squash the investigation, Trump went to FBI Director James Comey and demanded that he “let it go.” When he wouldn’t, Trump fired him, leading to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller and the formation of his team – and the beginnings of an obstruction of justice case.

If Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian Federation wasn’t enough to land him in serious legal trouble, this latest admission definitely is.

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