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It’s no huge surprise that the CDO score for the new version of Trumpcare is uglier than before.  The GOP feverishly worked to get their new bill through the House without first receiving a CDO score.

Now that the bill is in the Senate with a CDO score, things aren’t looking good for the GOP.  The CDO estimates that 23 million Americans would lose coverage by 2026 which is one million less than the original version of Trumpcare.

Additionally, the report found that 14 million of those losses would happen within one year of the bill going into effect.

The outspoken Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders summed up the GOP’s bill in one simple tweet:

It’s hard to argue with Bernie there.  The GOP thought they had a winner on their hands, but this thing is just as bad as the first version.

Most Republicans didn’t read the bill when they voted in favor of it in the House.  Paul Ryan claimed it only took two seconds to read the changes in 2.0.

Well, Paul, if the GOP only made that minuscule of a change, how did you expect the results to be any different?  These guys are laughable.

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