Image via Occupy Democrats

Donald and Ivanka Trump arrived in Wisconsin to promote apprenticeships and attend a fundraiser with Republican Governor Scott Walker. However, their arrival was met with an onslaught of demonstrators.

Adrienne Pedersen, a local news anchor, posted videos throughout the morning of anti-Trump protests in Downtown Milwaukee.

Trump’s decision to attend Walker’s fundraiser underscores what the governor is billing as “one of the biggest events we’ve ever had for a statewide elected official.” A photo with the President at the fundraiser will cost $10,000 and go towards Walker’s re-election bid.

While the President has touted Walker’s accomplishments in Wisconsin, job growth in 2016 was the slowest since Walker took office.

While in Wisconsin, Trump has also made a point to meet with “victims of Obamacare.”

“Obamacare is one of the greatest catastrophes that our country has signed into law,” Trump said. “We will come up with a solution, and a really good one to health care.”

The Republican alternative for Obamacare, in its current state, would strip health coverage from 23 million Americans.

Walker defended Trump’s arrival by saying, “People outside of Washington still like his policies, still very much want him to move this country in the right direction.” Perhaps there are people “outside of Washington” who like the President, but he didn’t find them in Downtown Milwaukee today.

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