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Today is a big day for the Trumps. All of the Trump boys decided to come together and promote violence on Twitter. Earlier today, Donald Trump posted a modified video of himself beating up CNN.

Trump’s sons decided to follow up their father’s lead and attack CNN on Twitter as well.

Eric tweeted:

“I love how CNN looks to #1A [First Amendment] as a justification to not uphold basic journalistic integrity or an ethical standard #FakeNews”

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been engaged in an online feud with Eric Trump. CNN’s WH correspondent previously said he hoped Americans were “enjoying #4thofjulyweekend and celebrating our cherished #1A [First Amendment] freedoms enshrined in our Constitution which cannot be taken away.”

Acosta commented on Trump’s insane attack on CNN video asking, “Isn’t pro wrestling fake?”

Donald Trump Jr. responded, “Yes, just like your coverage.”

It’s sad that the presidency has been degraded to the point of petty squabbles on Twitter between CNN and the Trumps.

Twitter quickly showed up to slam the Trump kids:

What is your reaction about this?


  1. the whole thing with the CHUMPS is disgusting!!! with all the money you ass holes have, why don’t you just go buy an island someplace and leave America in peace!!! or the world for that matter!! when are you all going to realize that the wole world is laughing at you?! you’re a bunch of ignorant idiots!!! money can’t buy everything, if it could, you might want to buy some class!!! #LOWCLASSSCUM=TRUMPS!!!!!


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