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Kellyanne Conway got dissed hard by Trump yesterday.  After making a complete fool of herself and the Trump administration during the initial weeks of Trump’s presidency, Conway’s airtime became significantly reduced.  Rumor has it, the only reason Trump keeps her around is because he wants her lawyer husband on his legal team.

Yesterday, Trump locked Conway out of his Memorial Day motorcade.  If she and the president are so close, why would he humiliate her like this?  It looks more like she’s somewhere near Sean Spicer on Trump’s list of important people.  While in Italy, Trump blocked Spicer from meeting the pope — a meeting Spicer was looking forward to.

Conway recently told New York Magazine:

“When I want to talk to him, I go talk to him. Eighty-five percent of what I discuss with him will never be revealed. It’s like any other boss–C-suite-employee relationship. I don’t need to talk to him through the TV. I just go in and talk to him.”

SNL destroyed both Spicer and Conway in their hilarious skits.  Maybe, those brutal skits impacted Trump’s view of them.

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