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While Trump and his posse were overseas, multiple bombshell reports were dropped on Jared Kushner, implicating him in the Russia scandal.  Political commentators and former government officials have been having an absolute field day tearing the Kushner case apart ever since.

Former FBI double agent, Naveed Jamali, appeared on MSNBC to discuss his thoughts on Kushner.  Jamali believes Kushner’s involvement with Russia goes deeper, and he’s working as a Russian agent.  Jamali formerly worked as a spy catcher for the FBI and wrote a book on it titled How to Catch a Russian Spy.

During his TV appearance, he blew MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle’s mind when he offered his take on Kushner.  Jamali said, “We already have Michael Flynn, we already have a relationship with the Russians that goes back to at least 2014. I think the FBI is going to look back, three to four years, to see if there’s potentially more connections to the Russians.”

Ruhle fired back and said calling Kushner a Russian agent is “kind of a stretch.”

Jamali then explained, “This is how it happens. In this case, I think, it could have been, perhaps, an innocent decision to try to make contact with them. And that’s how you start these things. The term ‘Russian agent’ is perhaps not what people think of in the movies. When you have someone who fails to register as a foreign agent, for example, that is what I’m talking about. This could be someone who started a relationship that was frankly inappropriate, that skirted the law, and then it made a hard-left turn.”

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