Ali Goldstein/Associated Press

For the first time in its 21 years, MSNBC sits atop the cable news universe, knocking FOX News down to it’s lowest position in 17 years in this week’s Nielsen ratings.

MSNBC finished number one in cable news, and only behind NBA-airer TNT among all cable networks, with a weekday prime average of 2.44 million viewers. Behind them, FOX News, facing internal sexual harassment crises and a growing credibility gap, continued its recent descent with 2.405 million average nightly viewers.

The last time, FOX News did not top the cable news rankings, George W. Bush and John McCain were vying for the Republican Presidential Nomination in mid-2000.

The breakout star in the ratings shakeup comes as no surprise. The Rachel Maddow Show dominated the nine-o’clock time slot, making it the number one non-sports program on basic cable.

This defeat for FOX is not only a win for MSNBC, it’s a victory for the truth. Hopefully, it’s only the beginning.

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