Looks like Melania Trump has lied about how she received a green card. According to an immigration lawyer who worked for the Trump Organization, he helped Melania apply and receive a green card “based on marriage.”

Trouble is, the dates don’t work out. The attorney, Michael Wildes, says Melania received the green card “based on marriage” in 2001 — but that’s four years before she married the Donald.

“Ms. Trump received citizenship in 2006 and prior to that she had a green card based on marriage,” Wildes told Univision. “Before that, she had a work visa and was in full compliance on her visas and never disrespected any of them. That has been made clear to me.”

Melania Trump’s immigration status became a hot topic recently, when lewd photos of the then-model emerged, dating back to 1996. These seem to predate the time Melania has said she arrived in the U.S.

The timeline is definitely sketchy: Melania herself said she had first come to the U.S. in 1996, on a tourist visa that wouldn’t have allowed her to obtain legal employment in the country.

The revelations are especially embarrassing in light of her husband’s remarks about illegal immigrants and his campaign promises regarding foreign workers and undocumented immigrants.

What is your reaction about this?


  1. Investigate the shit out of this! If she is married to someone else, either they got paid off or they are deceased. However, if she got her citizenship illegally, then it should be revoked and she should be deported.


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