Ivanka may put on a front that she is now fighting for women’s rights while serving her father in the White House, but she isn’t fooling anyway who’s seen her true colors.  Ivanka is a businesswoman who will do anything to sell her products.

Ivanka originally marketed her fashion products to upper-middle-class Americans.  Her thought process was that consumers in that class would look up to the Trumps.  Her assumption couldn’t have been more wrong.

After experiencing terrible sales, Ivanka’s products have since moved to the ranks of T.J. Maxx, where they can be cheaply bought.

Allen Adamson, the founder of consulting firm BrandSimple, said, “Celebrities, as a branding tool, appeal more to the mass than luxury. The further downmarket she goes, the more horsepower her brand potentially has.”

Ivanka originally intended “to offer luxurious pieces in the five-, and six-, and even seven-figure range,” as quoted in her 2009 book.  She continued, “At the same time, we wanted to offer entry-level pieces priced between $500 and $1000. We wanted to fill that void just below the high-end diamond jewelers such as Harry Winston, Bulgari, Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels–the boutiques that exemplified acquisitions of $50,000 or more—while at the same time creating luxurious pieces that would be the envy of any jeweler.”

In 2010, her products began their descent into the ranks of outlet stores.  It’s nice to know that her products are right where they belong — one step away from a trashcan.

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