The amount of hypocrisy flowing through the Trump family is difficult to fathom for most people.  Ivanka recently released a book titled Women Who Work and uses the same title as a tagline for her fashion company.

The New York Times spoke with a former executive at Ivanka’s fashion company, Marissa Kraxberger, who exposed Trump for treating her unfairly during her pregnancy.

Kraxberger requested a paid leave in the summer of 2013.  She recalled Ivanka’s response: “Well, we don’t have maternity leave policy here; I went back to work one week after having my child, so that’s just not something I’m used to.”

The preceding statement amplified the hypocrisy in Ivanka’s tweet:

“Tomorrow AEI-Brookings releases their Paid Family Leave report. It’s time to make America great for working families”.

The entire Trump family is full of lying trolls; it’s actually more sad than anything else.

Twitter was fired up about her tweet:

What is your reaction about this?


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