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The scandal that is Russia continues to plague Donald Trump’s administration.


As if being aided by Vladimir Putin during the election wasn’t enough, we now know so much more about secret meetings with the Russians that were never supposed to happen.

For example, Trump aides were in touch with Russian officials during the campaign. Also, disgraced NSA head Mike Flynn was trying to cut a sanctions relief deal with Russia’s ambassador while Barack Obama was still president.

Likewise, we know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about his dealings with the Putin-led nation.

Now, we’re learning that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner (adviser to the president and husband of Ivanka), omitted meeting with Russians on his security clearance forms.

Just recently, five Democratic Congressmen penned a letter that could land Kushner in prison, which you can see in its entirely at this link.

Here are some snippets, TE:

“Mr. Kushner’s lack of candor about meetings with Russian officials appears to be part of a larger pattern of dissembling and deception on Russian contacts from the Trump team…and we believe the public deserves the truth about what connection, if any, exists between these incidents.”

“Given the severity of the allegations and still unanswered questions about this administration’s recently uncovered covert deals with Russian government and intelligence officials…we are requesting that Mr. Kushner’s interim top secret security clearance be suspended pending a review of Mr. Kushner’s compliance with the laws and regulations governing security clearances.”

It’s just one headache after the other with this administration.

What a farce.

Comical, really.

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