The terrorist attack in Manchester, England that claimed the lives of 22 innocent civilians shook the entire world.  In times of crisis, people look to world leaders for their support.

Both Trump and Obama responded, and the difference in their messages can not be ignored.  Obama’s message reminded us of how much we love and miss him while Trump’s message only made us despise him more.

Obama posted the following tweet and received a ton of praise for his heartfelt message:

Trump delivered the following message full of hateful words while showing a lack of empathy:

Using the word “losers” is horrendous.  When the world needed Trump the most, he showed his worst side.  In Trump’s mind, he was probably thinking, I told you so.

His mission is to beef up the military while letting the poor and sick die.  The Manchester attack will only give him more reason to pursue his agenda.

Obama was a geat president and will always be a great man.  Americans can only hope that other nations view his message instead of Trump’s cruel response.

What is your reaction about this?


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