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Jared Kushner is slated to meet with Senate Intelligence Committee later this month, CNN reports. NBC News previously reported that Kushner is a “person of interest” in the FBI’s Russia investigation, so it makes sense that the Senate would be interested in speaking to him for their investigation as well.

A great deal of interest revolves around Kushner’s meetings with Vnesheconombank, a Russian bank with known connections to Putin’s regime, as well as reports that Kushner sought to establish secret, secure backchannels with Moscow.

The news comes the same day as James Comey’s bombshell testimony before the very same Senate committee, in which he repeatedly called Trump a liar. The testimony also seems to have set the stage for obstruction of justice proceedings against Trump as Comey stated that Trump tried to steer him to abandon the investigation into disgraced former National Security Advisor and confirmed Russian asset Michael Flynn.

The board seems increasingly stacked against Trump. The real question now is which of his minions will be the first to completely flame out. Kushner seems like a likely choice, and also a possible future scapegoat if the investigation threatens to totally topple the administration.

Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law seems deeply tied to whatever corruption is hiding at the core of the Trump-Russia story and soon or later either the Senate or special prosecutor will expose him.

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