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Melania Trump surprised us all when she actually came through on her word to move into the White House.  Stephen Colbert decided to interview “Melania Trump” to get her thoughts on “their second honeymoon,” well, “for Donald, his fourth.”

Colbert asked Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump how things are going since the big move, “Oh, I couldn’t be happier. See?” Benanti responded with the signature Melania expression.  “These are my happy eyes.”

“It was so lonely in New York doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it my prison of freedom,” said Melania.

Colbert then asked why it took her so long to move in with Donald.  She responded, “Well, after the inauguration, Barron had to finish school. Then I had to wait for the Comcast guy to turn off my cable. But now, there is nothing. No reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t be in the White House. You could look for an excuse, but trust me, you will not find one.”

The host asked her about the incident in Israel when she slapped Donald’s hand away. “Fake news, Stephen,” she replied. “t wasn’t a hand slap. His hands are so small, I thought it was a mosquito.”

‘Melania’ concluded, “Here’s the thing, America took a vow, and Donald Trump is our president, for better or worse, for richer or even richer, in sickness and in no health care. And we must honor that. No matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau. We stay, we make the best of it, and you’ll find in your greatest moments of doubt, you can always drink.”

Watch the full clip below:

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