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There was a lot of action on Capitol Hill over the weekend, but not on Trump’s side of the aisle.  Attendance numbers were so poor at his “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally that it looked like a rained out BBQ.

Check out footage from the rally below:

Contrarily, the March for Truth had a great turnout. Protestors came together to “Call for urgent investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. Election and ties to Donald Trump, his administration, and his associates.”

Americans are sick of hearing that Trump and the rest of his cronies are being investigated for potential collusion with Russia without seeing any results. Special counsel Robert Mueller was brought on to run an independent investigation, although how long will it take before Americans get answers?

Protestors came together to write “Investigate Trump” using their bodies on The National Mall.

See the tweet below:

James Comey is set to testify in less than one week unless Trump seeks to block him. What’s next for Trump? Will we ever get answers?

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