It turns out that Trump’s “private” meeting with Russian officials in the White House wasn’t so private after all.   Photos and video footage from the meeting were leaked for the entire world to see.

A White House official claims the Trump team was tricked by the Russian photographer who snapped the photos during the meeting.  The White House claims they weren’t alerted by the Russians that the photographer works for the state-owned Russian news agency, TASS.

They thought the photographer was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s personal photographer.  The photos reveal just how friendly Trump is with the Russians.  It looks like they’ve known each other for years.  Keep in mind, this comes right after the firing of James Comey.

Prepare to see the real Trump:

Check out Jim Acosta’s tweet below:

Below is video footage of Lavrov with Rex Tillerson:

What is your reaction about this?


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