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This is exactly how U.S. authorities should respond to Trump’s outbursts — simply override anything he says and pretend he doesn’t exist.

After news broke about the terrorist attack in London, known xenophobe Donald Trump insulted London’s Muslim mayor.

In a signature Trump tweetstorm, Trump failed to offer any condolences or support.  Instead, he inferred that Mayor Sadiq Khan had something to do with the terrorist attack because he was not taking it seriously enough.

The United States’ chargé d’affaires ad interim at the Embassy in London, Lewis Lukens, decided to show our closest ally that Trump doesn’t speak for all Americans.

He tweeted:

Trump is nearly five months into his presidency and has yet to nominate or confirm an ambassador to America’s closest ally. Trump did once mention appointing unqualified billionaire Woody Johnson, who did nothing more than donate money to Donald’s campaign.

In the end, it’s sad that an American diplomat has to override the POTUS. The stark difference between how Obama handled this situation and how Trump did, is sickening to think about.

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