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Throughout most of Trump’s presidency, Melania Trump lived outside of the White House in Trump Tower NYC with her son Barron.  A lot of critics thought that she’d never move into the White House and was using the excuse that her son was finishing school until she could create a new reason not to live with Donald.

Melania eventually did move in with Donald, and according to her close friend, she’s not enjoying her time in the White House.  The Trumps’ friend Federico Pignatelli talked about Melania’s sentiments in an interview with Life & Style.

It’s clear that Melania never signed up to be First Lady when she married Donald.  She was only in it for the extravagant lifestyle and to be his trophy wife.  Pignatelli said, “She feels the pressure. She always has to be kind, perfect, well-dressed, well-everything.”

He continued, “It’s tiring. It’s a tough schedule. She has to be a mother, a first lady, the wife of a man as well.”  Federico also verified the rumor that Donald and Melania sleep in different beds: “She has her own space and he has his own space.”

Melania had claimed that she would take up the cause of fighting cyberbullying as her mission as First Lady, but her plans seem to have evaporated.  Her failure to participate as First Lady only further sours the image of the White House that Trump has created.

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