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Earlier in Trump’s presidency, AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything involving Trump-Russia including tampering in the 2016 election. Then Sessions reemerged to be a driving force behind the firing of James Comey. The firing happened during the FBI’s investigation into Trump-Russia. Essentially, Sessions became involved in something he had no business touching.

Now, eleven U.S. Senators are banding together and demanding a new investigation into AG Sessions to identify his role in James Comey’s firing.

According to the Washington Post, the public interest group, Democracy 21, is backing the eleven senators.  They want the DOJ to conclude whether or not Sessions committed ethics violations.

Read their letter below:

“Despite this recusal, Attorney General Sessions appears to have been intimately involved with the May 9, 2017, dismissal of [FBI] Director James Comey, who was in charge of an investigation of the Trump campaign and its ties to Russia.”

In the letter about Sessions, the Senators state that they are asking for this probe because “It is imperative that the American people have faith in the institutions that are investigating the influence of a hostile foreign power may have had on our presidential campaign, election, and the current administration of President Trump.”

“We believe the Attorney General’s involvement in the termination of Director Comey has injected the exact ‘partiality’ in these investigations he claimed to wish to avoid.”

What is your reaction about this?


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