New video has surfaced of Donald Trump acting not-so-presidential again.  This time, the repugnant act was caught live on camera and committed with the First Lady in plain sight.

The man who would represent the Family Values party in the presidential election 16 years later was attending a VH1 Fashion event in 2000 with his then-girlfriend Melania in tow.  Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham – two members of the 5-woman mega group the Spice Girls – were hosting the red carpet, when the future President and First Lady stepped into view.

“Donald Trump looks like a banker,” Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, said to her co-host just before bringing the couple on camera.  “Not at all stylish – but GOD he’s rich, so we’ll interview him anyway.”

To his credit, the man who recently compared himself to Christians who face persecution in the world for their beliefs, managed to resist any urges he may have had to grab one or both Spice Girls by their pu **y.  But that’s about the nicest thing we can say about how Trump conducted himself.

With his wife-to-be in hand, he flirted shamelessly with both hosts interviewing him, and even leaned back to check-put the ass of Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice!

Just imagine if  video emerged of President Obama doing anything close to this.  The pearl-clutching at FOX News would reach epidemic proportions instantaneously.  But so far at least, this doesn’t appear worthy of discussion by the august journalists at FOX and Friends.

You can view the entire embarrassing incident below.

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