Well, Trump screwed up yet again with one of America’s greatest allies.  Following the Manchester terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 innocent civilians, America leaked the identity of the terrorist ahead of schedule.  The infuriated British Police responded by cutting off information sharing with the U.S.

During the G-7 Summit, Trump and British PM Theresa May spoke privately about the leaks coming out of the U.S.  She urged Donald to do something about it.

A huge benefit of having world leaders all in one place is that they are given the opportunity to discuss issues confidentially while face-to-face.  What May didn’t take under consideration before privately speaking with Donald was his incessant Twitter addiction.

Trump made the idiotic mistake of tweeting about their private conversation.

Read his tweet below:

Trump essentially became a leak while criticizing leaks.  May must have been appalled when she saw his tweet.  This tweet will have even more of a detrimental impact on intelligence sharing between the U.S. and UK.

When will someone in the administration step up and take Trump’s Twitter away?  Or better yet, why don’t the founders simply erase his account?  They’ve already been outspoken and apologized for helping him win the election.

What is your reaction about this?



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