Image via Occupy Democrats

Although Donald Trump managed to stay off of Twitter during the Comey testimony, his son, Donald Trump Jr., picked up the slack. While the former FBI Director testified in today’s highly anticipated hearing, Trump Jr. managed to fire off dozens upon dozens of tweets, several of which assailed Comey’s character.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, however, hardly figured Trump Jr. to be the best surrogate for any type of character assassination, given his controversial past.

“For a guy who kills baby elephants for kicks to be giving James Comey a lesson in character and strength of character is rich at best and pathetic at worst.”

Although keeping an unhinged President off of the internet for a few hours this morning was indeed a minor victory, his family still managed to humiliate itself. Perhaps the Trumps should not deploy one of its least moral members to give a lesson in ethics.

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