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While former FBI Director James Comey testifies in Thursday’s highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Donald Trump will speak before a group of religious conservatives at Washington’s Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Trump will address the “Road to Majority Conference,” in what many believe is his staff’s attempt to divert the President from delivering on his threat to “live tweet” the Comey testimony. Trump has already potentially sabotaged the White House’s impending Supreme Court case defending his executive order barring immigration from several Muslim-majority countries by calling it a “travel ban” in a series of tweets.

The White House had previously insisted that the executive order was “not a travel ban,” a term that has proved a headache for lawyers arguing the case on Trump’s behalf.

Comey is expected to publicly refute the notion that he told the President “three times” that he isn’t under FBI investigation, as well as confirm the existence of his memo detailing Trump asking Comey to end his investigation into disgraced former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Trump’s “alternative programming,” whether serving as a distraction by the Trump administration or simply a distraction for Trump himself, will do little to divert America’s attention from tomorrow’s big story. While FOX News may fall for it, the rest of us certainly will not.

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