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At this weekend’s U.S. Women’s Open at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, at which Trump was present, demonstrators showed up en masse to protest both the President and the U.S. Golf Association’s decision to hold the tournament at his club despite Trump’s crude remarks about women.

The protests were led by an advocacy group called UltraViolet, who has been especially critical of Trump given his troubled past with women. The group has been present throughout the 3-day duration of the tournament in New Jersey. They kicked off their demonstration on Friday by flying a plane banner with the words “USGA: Stand with Women, Not Trump” over the golf course. On Saturday, a digital billboard truck encircling the clus flashed quotes from newspapers criticizing the USGA’s decision to hold the tournament at a Trump property. Finally, today, UltraViolet members and supporters held an in-person rally at the grounds.

Trump was present all weekend for the tournament, watching from a glass-enclosed area with his national security adviser H.R. McMaster. This visit marks his 36th visit to a Trump-branded golf club since becoming President.

The fact that Trump cannot even go to one of his own properties without being met by protestors is a testament to his dismal popularity. Once a respite from the controversy surrounding him, Trump’s golf courses – at which he spends an exorbitant amount of time – have become ground zero to protest the President’s reckless, dangerous, and decidedly self-serving agenda.

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