Trump Just Tweeted ‘Covfefe’. Urban Dictionary’s Response Is Classy.

Image via NDTV

An Urban Dictionary user just gave the perfect definition for “covfefe,” President Trump’s most hilarious Twitter typo yet.

The unfinished tweet was posted over two hours ago, and has yet to be deleted. While many on social media have gleefully mocked the tweet, perhaps nothing equals one inspired Urban Dictionary user’s response.

Urban Dictionary is a website where users can submit their own definitions for words that are often slang. The website has been the site of many anti-Trump definitions, including a definition for Trump’s word “Bigly” which reads “when you’re running for president and your penchant for hyperbole outpaces your command of the English language” (among other, raunchier submissions).

The website’s staff seem to also be as critical of the president as their users. Conservative outlet The Washington Times accused the site of featuring anti-Trump words on the “Word of the Day” segments of their front page every day of Trump’s first week as president.

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