Appearing on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, storied newsman Dan Rather was asked to give his thoughts on the latest installment of the chaos-ridden Trump presidency.

Speaking about today’s decision to withdraw as a signatory nation from the Paris Climate Agreement — and the accompanying spectacle of French President Emmanuel Macron addressing the United States directly in order to excoriate and troll Trump — Rather categorized the turn of events as “a momentous moment, and a very ominous moment.”

The former CBS anchor then took stock of the president’s mental state amidst the multiple crises he’s had to endure during his brief time in office, in particular, the European leg of his recent foreign excursion. Rather said:

“He’s mad. He has some rage. He’s scared…He just came back from this European trip, and he was angry with the leader of Germany, Ms. Merkel, and the new leader of France. So what you have here is a president who is lashing out in anger. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled–I’m trying to use my language real carefully. We haven’t had a president this psychologically troubled in this way since at least Richard Nixon.”

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