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During Trump’s unnecessary three-week vacation at his Bedminster, NJ golf club, Kellyanne Conway went dark. She just resurfaced on Trump-favorite Fox & Friends to do Trump’s dirty work.

Conway continued Trump’s war on the media to push his “Fake News” narrative to the conservatives who are stupid enough to buy into Fox News.

Conway stated:

I remember — I’m old enough to remember when news stations reported the news. And didn’t just have a parade of pundits going out there and opinionating and rendering their opinions and pontificating and conjecturing. And I think it leads to analysis like this, because people end up with very little to say.

They are not compelled. They are not forced. Nobody demands that they actually report facts and figures. […]

You know, the media and other opinion figures — they were way too afraid of President Obama and his administration.

They’re not afraid enough here.

The most pathetic part about her appearance was the fact that she went completely off script considering host Steve Doocy asked her to comment on the analysis of Trump’s Charlottesville response by former CIA director James Clapper.

Her appearance only further proves that Trump sends out his lackeys to push his theories no matter the topic at hand.

Conway’s sole purpose is to sell Trump lies until people buy into them.  Anyone who is simple-minded enough to believe her needs a severe wake-up call.

Watch the clip below:

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