So this is…strange. At the G20 leaders banquet, First Lady Melania Trump clearly left President Trump, to go sit and chat with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin and Melania were all smiles too, as they met and shook hands in front of the press.

The clip and screenshots below, clearly show Melania seated away from Trump, with Putin. We also see President Trump sit down with a different group of leaders, while motioning over and acknowledging that Melania was sitting with Putin. All anyone needs to know, is that the First Lady has no business having a conversation with the leader personally responsible for hacking our election last year.

And important to note, is where Trump was hanging out after Melania went and sat with Putin. He went and found his Saudi Arabian friends! Probably to talk about all those weapons he sold them.

President Trump and Melania seem to think that after the President palled around with Putin today and got along great during their two hour meeting, that we are now allies with Russia. Apparently it is now appropriate for the First lady to sit and have dinner with our number one enemy. At minimum, the Trumps are horribly naive about the situation they are in. These people are our legitimate enemies.

You can also watch the full live feed below, but keep in mind that it is VERY long, with some blank parts where it cut off.

What is your reaction about this?


  1. And on CBC today, the reported said that the Russian leaders not only swayed the Election in the Donald’s favor they are also alleged to have used cyber to attempt to hack into American Nuclear Plants. The Don in true Mafia style has made the enemy his friend in arms.

  2. Frightening that the leaders of the world such as The Kim, The Don and The Vladimir are basically a duplication of Hitler. They are so corrupt, angry and out of control that they may just bring about the end of times with their loose nukes, incompetence, greed, racism, sexism and in particular their need to win at any cost. These guys are psychopathic killers and even the Gulag or a Psychiatric Hospital could not change them because both prison and or institutions are also Conservative and Brutal and take on a nature of their own. These guys will fall easily under the Direction of a Democratic Leader who is able to reflect and make quick decisions to bring them all in front of a court of law to face justice.


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