The further Trump ventures into his presidency, the further he and Melania drift apart.

The current “First Lady” almost never accompanies Trump in the White House unless it’s for a special occasion, however, she does show up when it’s time to go on vacation.

They’ve been using their son, Barron, as an excuse for Melania’s reluctance to move into the White House.

Today, Melania joined Trump for his 14-hour flight on Air Force One to Saudi Arabia.

A video was shot of them walking together before embarking on the journey.

The footage catches them pretending to hold hands.

See the photo below:

Twitter showed up in a hurry to call them out!

Etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore spoke with the Huffington Post. She believes the distance between them is “a sign of disrespect.”

She added, “In the photographs, what we’re clearly seeing is that Donald Trump is walking not just one stair ahead, not two stairs ahead, but a few feet ahead. She’s not being accompanied by him.”

Watch the clip below:

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