It’s hard to take Trump seriously during his deranged ramblings.  Donald appeared on Fox & Friends this morning joined by Melania, and even she had trouble keeping a straight face.

While Donald was speaking, Melania became noticeably uncomfortable.  She appeared to be holding back a laughing fit.

Trump made some bold claims. He stated that he’s done more in five months than other people have “done in years.”

Donald also made sure to take a shot at “obstructionist” Democrats.  He recommended that they change their strategy if they want to win elections.  Evidently, his huge win went straight to his head, and now he’s the master of elections.

Trump added, he wants Democrats and Republicans to unite to create “the perfect health care plan.”  He must know the Senate version of Trumpcare is doomed.  What ever happened to the replacement he advertised during his campaign that was supposed to be so great?

Trump stated:

“It’d be so nice and that’s the way it should be. There have been moments in our country’s history where that’s what happened and those were the greatest things, whether it was Social Security or Medicare.”

He concluded by saying it would be a “sad day” if Nancy Pelosi vacates her position as House Minority Leader because the GOP has had “extraordinary” success against her.

Watch the full clip below:

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