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Late night show hosts were licking their chops after seeing all of the material Trump gave them to work with over the weekend.

Trump easily won the award for the greatest troll on earth for his work this past weekend.  After rumors swirled suggesting Trump would cut back on Twitter, he went full throttle.

He attacked the Mayor of London in several tweets, promoted his travel ban, advocated gun ownership, and all in all, acted like a complete bozo.

Seth Meyers is known for his witty Trump critiques, and last night’s “A Closer Look” segment was one of his best yet.  Meyers said:

“President Trump’s approval ratings have dipped to new lows here at home.  So now, he’s decided to try a new tack: pissing off the rest of the world and picking fights on Twitter.”

Meyers perfectly summed it up.  Currently, Trump is doing nothing but trolling on Twitter.  It’s worrisome to think that he didn’t do even one presidential duty over the weekend.

He was also seen playing golfing with former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

All jokes aside, it’s disgusting that the POTUS attacked the Mayor of London while our great allies dealt with a terrorist attack.  Trump’s actions were uncalled for and don’t speak for America as a whole.

This week, Americans have the James Comey testimony to look forward to.

Watch Meyers talk Trump below:

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