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Last night, Melania Trump arrived in D.C. along with her son, Barron.  Barron is supposed to be Trump’s son too, but Trump doesn’t seem to think so.

Melania and Barron landed in a helicopter, and Trump was there waiting to welcome them.  Barron can be seen jumping out of the helicopter first and walking right past his father without a hug or anything.

Donald then waits for Melania to disembark, so he can hold her hand and wave to the cameras.  In this instance, Melania agreed to hold his hand.

Barron does glance at Donald while exiting the helicopter, but Donald just stood there.  Isn’t it strange for a father and son to completely ignore each other?

After Trump waved to the cameras while holding Melania’s hand, she quickly pulled back away.  It looks like all of the passion in their relationship has completely vanished.

Melania’s lack of enthusiasm is impossible for her to hide.  She has no desire to be First Lady.

Watch the clip below:

Do you find this interaction between family members to be strange?

What is your reaction about this?


  1. That is truly a sign of an unhappy and dysfunctional family…! Melania doesn’t even look at trump…!Their body language is soooo obvious.

  2. I don’t find this a strange reaction at all. She’s human! Imagine finding yourself having to hold hands with a mentally disturbed reptile?! Despite claiming her hand like its his property, once he spots the cameras its like they don’t exist. Total sociopath. The poor kid is just dying of embarrasment, constantly looking at his hands, wishing he was somewhere else, someone else.
    But at least he doesn’t need to touch the old reptile. He sympathises with his mother, something his father cannot do. But she is starting to realise her power. As long as she’s subtle she can send out signals which are unmistakeable. She’s also looking very different to her husband, clearly of a different generation. It’s becoming almost sad to see the two together, attractive young model and scaly old reprobate clearly saying goodbye to a small piece of sanity with every passing day.


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