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In Trump’s America, racism runs rampant and in some cases, without consequence.  The most recent hate-fueled crime just added itself to the bevy of hate-related crimes Americans have seen over the past couple of weeks.

A white male viciously beat a Muslim woman named Rahma Warsame in Columbus, Ohio. He beat the single Somali-American mother until she was unconscious and left her with several facial fractures along with four lost teeth.

The man assaulted her after she came to the defense of another Muslim woman.

During the attack, the man shouted, “you will be all shipped back to Africa!”

The truly sickening part is the way the police handled the situation.  They questioned the man and let him go without any charges.

CAIR- Columbus is representing Warsame.  Read CAIR’s report below:

The woman, who reportedly intervened to protect another Muslim woman from harassment by the alleged attacker – a white male – was beaten unconscious, resulting in facial fractures and the loss of several teeth. According to the victim, the alleged attacker reportedly screamed “you all will be shipped back to Africa” prior to beating. CAIR-Columbus is her legal representative in the case.

According to witnesses, the alleged attacker was interviewed by police, but released without charge. He had reportedly made racist statements to neighbors in the recent past.

Watch the CAIR press conference below:

Hate crime in America is a growing trend that needs to stop now.  It’s no coincidence that Trump’s presence in the White House corresponds with the spike in hate crimes.  This is yet another reason why America needs to oust Trump sooner than later.

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